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China Southern Airlines
Headquarters: Guangzhou

Passenger Capacity: Approx. 11,657,000 per month

Fleet size: 800

Flight Frequency: Approx. 90,000 per month

Airline Alliance: SkyTeam Alliance

Weekly Flights: 21,000

Countries : 40

Destination : 224

Flights per year between China & Australia : over 3,200

* Source: 2018 China Southern Airlines

Savour the Luxury Lifestyle

·   Readership     approx. 11,657,000 per month
·   Publication Day     15th day of the month
·   Frequency     Monthly
·   Distribution     On board all China Southern Airlines domestic and international flights and at VIP airport lounges around the world.
·   Language     Chinese / English

CSN SpecialInviting the overseas representatives of China Southern Airlines to introduce the special activities in their stationed country.
FeatureUsing new angles to introduce the different living styles and cultures from the World.
TrendDiscovering the history, design, impact and the operation of luxury brands.
TravelogueInviting the foreign travel authors to examine the Chinese beautiful scenery in an unique perspective.
DiningIntroducing traditional Chinese food, its ingredients and its special eating utensils.
FolkloreHighlighting the culture of local folk.
VoyageIntroducing the new travel destinations in the world.
Canton RouteElaborating the development of Guangzhou in all aspects.
Column – WineSharing the brand history and the brewing process of the world-class liquor by the well recognized Hong Kong wine critics.
Column – TrendSharing the fashion trend by the famous Hong Kong fashion editors.
MoviesHighlighting the hot movie and also briefing other upcoming movies.
BooksRecommending the selected books under special topics.
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