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Savour the Luxury Lifestyle

A world-class magazine for affluent elites who are driven to discover and pursue a high-quality lifestyle.
·   Bilingual in-fight magazine, reaching readers in China and around the globe.
·   Education level: Over 90% of readers are university graduates or above.
·   Position level: Over 70% of readers are departmental heads or above. Such a high-income group is willing to spend on luxury products.
·   Received “Honorable Mention” for “Editorial Design, Single Spread” at the 40th Print & Packaging Competition organized by Creativity Awards International.
·   Publication day     1st day of each month
·   Readership     approx. 7,650,000 per month
·   Distribution     On board all China Southern Airlines domestic and international flights and at VIP airport lounges.
Column Contents
CSN Special Inviting the overseas representatives of China Southern Airlines to introduce the special activities in their stationed country.
Feature Using new angles to introduce the different living styles and cultures from the World.
Expo Reporting the breaking news from worldwide exhibitions.
Luxury Discovering the history, design, impact and the operation of luxury brands.
Timepiece Introducing the latest watches in the market.
Travelogue Inviting the foreign travel authors to examine the Chinese beautiful scenery in an unique perspective.
New Landmark Promoting the hot cultural attractions around the main landmarks.
Dining Introducing traditional Chinese food, its ingredients and its special eating utensils.
Folklore Highlighting the culture of local folk.
Voyage Introducing the new travel destinations in the world.
Hotel Highlighting the new hotels and resorts around the world.
Architecture Discovering the new landmarks in China.
Footprint Presenting the life of foreigners in China.
Canton Route Elaborating the development of Guangzhou in all aspects.
Column – Wine Sharing the brand history and the brewing process of the world-class liquor by the well recognized Hong Kong wine critics.
Column – Trend Sharing the fashion trend by the famous Hong Kong fashion editors.
Movies Highlighting the hot movie and also briefing other upcoming movies.
Books Recommending the selected books under special topics.
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