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SkyBoutique is the Chinese-English bilingual magazine of China Airlines, having over 850 thousands readers per month. The high-end readers of SkyBoutique love to follow the trend, and in order to stimulate their desire to purchase and to cater their tastes, SkyBoutique is not just an in-flight shopping magazine, but also a Fashion Guideline, introducing freshly debuted boutiques and to analyze the latest fashion trend for readers.

Publication day: 1st day of every 2 month
Readership: 1,200,000 approx per month
Column Contents
Special features/ Brand story With the diversity of duty-free products and different season in every issue, we would design some professional and useful special topics for beauty and wine tasting etc., so that passengers can access to information of the trend and latest products easily. At the same time, we would provide brand story from time to time, to reveal the story behind a successful super brand.
Duty Free Products Over 300 piece of duty free products for flyer to pick and buy; included a wide range of products like cosmetic, accessories, electronics, leather goods, wine, mechanics and other necessaries.
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